10 June 2011

Free Download

Spreading some love...

Here is a free download to make a set of Inside Outside Fruit Cards.

Simply print, laminate, cut and round the corners for a fun toddler activity.

Toddlers do not learn from looking at pictures! They learn about their world by experiencing it through taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell. Please, please, please use these cards in the way they were designed to be presented...

Choose one card, and then go out and buy that fruit from your grocer...
Spend some time with your toddler looking at the fruit, touching it, smelling it...cut it open and taste it, tell her what it is called...
When she has had enough, bring out the pictures and say "outside" and "inside".

When you have presented more than one fruit in this way...you can play the card game...

Try simple matching at first - print out two sets
Then try matching the inside pictures to the outside pictures
Then try playing a simple memory game with only two or three pairs...

If you have enjoyed using this little gift from me, please send me a photo of your baby enjoying this learning experience. Everyone who sends in a pic - gets another free download!


  1. Fantastic! Love the vibrant photos - thanks so much for making and sharing these. I've just shared the link on my Counting Coconuts Facebook page. :)

  2. Thank you! We will have fun and hopefully take some pictures to share :-)

  3. Beautiful cards! And I love that you recommended using the cards along with real fruit! I added your link to http://livingmontessorinow.com/2010/08/26/free-montessori-materials-online/ and to the Living Montessori Now Facebook page.

  4. Marvelous. We will use it for sure. Thank you for sharing these wonderful cards and your recommendations for using them ;-)

    Ewa from Poland

  5. http://kreativeactivities.blogspot.com/2011/06/fruiti.html
    We added you and used your photos today! Thanks so much!

  6. So glad that everyone is enjoying the download. Thanks Leeanne, for posting pictures of your toddlers enjoying the activity - I love the way you made a delicious fruit salad with all the fruit that you explored together. The beauty of that, is that the children would have tasted fruit that they might not usually choose for themselves! I have sent another little download to you to say thanks!

  7. I love Maria Montessoria, lucky to find your blog, hughs Anja

  8. These look awesome! I wish Scribd would let me download without paying for a subscription!

  9. Kaysha - please send me an email and I will get a pdf version through to you. :)

  10. The link doesn't work. Can you check please? I'd love to download these.

    1. Dear Anonymous
      I am unsure as to why you are unable to access the link. The file is saved on Google Docs, perhaps you are not logged in? I am happy to email a copy through to you if you drop me a line at athomewithmontessori(at)gmail(dot)com