19 August 2011

5 things...the eighth month

1.    If your baby is crawling, or trying to crawl, offer incentives for movement. The puzzle ball is great because it rolls only a short distance, which presents just the right level of challenge for a beginner

2.    A basket of balls will always be a big hit with a baby of this age. Choose balls for their colours, textures, shapes and other sensory features

3.    Collect some little glass jars and make some sound and colour jars for your baby to explore. If you use glass be sure to supervise while your baby plays with these. Don't be tempted to make this into a matching activity - this is really just an intro to sensory elements, and the use of clear jars for the 'sound cylinders' means your baby can see what is making the sound

4.    Your baby will love to play some simple musical instruments at this age. Try a floor drum with a soft mallet to start with. Remember that the infant absorbs everything in their environment and uses all that is absorbed to construct their framework of knowledge – for this reason it is really important to use the best quality musical instruments you can afford

Make a basket of different textured fabric squares for your baby to explore. Keep to one solid colour so that your baby can focus on the texture, rather than being distracted by patterns and different colours

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for these posts! I am Primary trained and am so very interested in A to I. I am learning so much!