12 August 2011

5 things...the fourth month

1.    By now you may have noticed your baby reaching out towards their mobiles and waving their arms about trying to bat at things. Offer your baby the Bell on a Ribbon for practising their batting skills

2.    Your baby’s sense of hearing is almost as acute as that of an adult. They will be highly motivated by sound and the opportunity to control the making of sounds. Offer your baby a variety of rattles and noise making toys to practice batting with. You might like to make a toy hanger to hang the batting toys from.

3.    Your baby’s reflexive grasping is being replaced by conscious control of their hand, even though their attempts at grasping are still crude. Provide lots of chances to grasp objects by choosing a selection of grasping toys that are light, small, interesting to look at and made of natural materials. Rotate the toys as your baby loses interest, keeping no more than 3 out at a time

4.    Up till now, your baby’s main form of communication has been through crying. They are more regularly starting to make cooing noises when happy, relaxed and engaged. Try imitating your baby’s noises in conversation style – taking turns and waiting for your baby to respond

Your baby might be starting to roll and become more mobile. Resist the temptation to 'help' them along. Physical development is something that the child can conquer all on their own - and they need the chance to do it for themselves! Movement is a sensitive period in infancy, that is incredibly powerful. Help your baby by acknowledging their beginning attempts at mobility as being real work

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