18 August 2011

5 things...the seventh month

1.    Toys that offer the chance to put things in and out of containers will intrigue your baby. Even something simple like a small bucket and a ball will offer purposeful activity

2.    Treasure baskets are a lovely way to offer independent exploration of safe objects. Choose no more than 8 objects that are safe to mouth, and place them in a basket. Allow your baby to scoot over and pull the objects from the basket and explore the variety of textures

3.    Your baby will begin to enjoy games with you – offer them the chance to knock down a tower of soft blocks that you build up for them, and watch their anticipation grow as you build the tower, and the satisfaction as they knock it down

4.    Now is the time to begin the introduction to solid food. Your baby might have a tooth or two and is showing signs of interest in your food and drink. Find a small weaning table and chair, and offer food and drink in real bowls and cups. More information on the Montessori approach to weaning here

Your baby might be starting to crawl, or getting themselves up on hands and knees in preparation for crawling. Choosing appropriate clothing is especially important at this stage to make this important work easier to master. Little dresses and cute jeans may look great but can make the work of learning to crawl and move about very frustrating

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