11 August 2011

5 things...the third month

1.    Your baby is developing their sense of vision and visual tracking abilities during this time. The Octahedron Mobile will provide something to focus on with its reflective, metallic finish and primary colours

2.    The Gobbi Mobile offers further visual information with its subtle gradations of colour, corresponding to your baby’s newly developed ability to see shades of colours

3.    Your baby has almost fully developed colour vision, but is now working on depth perception and dynamic visual focusing skills (focusing on moving objects). Offering a mobile that moves freely and gracefully (like the Dancers Mobile, or the alternative Harmony Wings Mobile) will meet this need

4.    Your baby might be interested in holding something. While their grasp is still reflexive (not consciously controlled), offering sensory stimulating in the form of the grasping beads will help this reflex to develop into a controlled movement

Your baby’s pineal gland has started to produce higher levels of melatonin, which regulates sleep/wake cycles. This highlights the place of routine and rhythm in the structure of your child’s day – and helps them to synchronise what is happening on the inside, with what’s happening in their environment. If you want to assist them in developing a good sleep/wake rhythm, try keeping daytime naps in a light environment, and night time sleep in a darkened room 

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  1. Thank you for these posts but also for the introduction to your Flickr page! Invaluable! So many great ideas. No one need to wonder what to do with their baby.

  2. Concise and helpful. A person could bypass a lot of the books I read and use this information. This is good. Love your work.