13 June 2013

Taking a break

So, I've decided to put things on hold for a while. I will no longer be taking orders for Montessori Infant and Toddler materials.
You can find the occasional ready-to-ship materials at my Etsy shop.

You can also sign up for my Parenting Support Program at the shop. Please note though, that I only support a limited number of families at any one time. So if you don't see a Support Program for sale it means that I am currently full. You could always drop me a line via email and I will pop you onto my waiting list.

Currently, I am working on an exciting collaboration with Kylie from How We Montessori - details to follow...


  1. My husband and I are trying to decide where to send our daughter to school. I think it is very impressive that you have a parenting support program. As a teacher, I know that sometimes parents don't understand what they can do to best help their child. It's a great idea!

    Amber Johnson | http://www.treeoflifemontessori.com

  2. My husband and I have been struggling with the decision of sending our five-year-old to a Montessori pre-school, or not. I want her to have her best chance when she goes to kindergarten. Is that with a special school? http://www.nicholasmontessorischool.com

    1. It would be unlikely that an authentic montessori school would accept a 5 year old into their class, unless it was evident that the family was an excellent fit for the school and its ethos. My advice would be to visit the school without your daughter to observe for several hours in the classroom before enrolling. Also, ensure that the school's approach to discipline, conflict and expectations for children are consistent with your family approach. Continuity between school and home are very important. The montessori curriculum is established over three years, so your daughter will have missed out on two years of prior experiences if she joins at this late stage. Not to say that it wouldn't be a rewarding experience for her - montessori done well is unsurpassed in its "rightness" for children of all ages. Good luck with your decision.