Infants and Toddlers around the world

The wonderful folks at Michael Olaf have provided some videos of babies in their first year. Watch them to get some ideas for your home environment.

Montessori in Motion has some wonderful information on mobiles and other 0 to 3 information 

Zero to Three has an amazing brain map showing how your baby's brain develops in the first three years of life.

Looking for a Topponcino? Visit Maria who makes handmade topponcino's from her home in Greece. 

Get a glimpse into the sessions at my Infant Toddler Program - The Child'space. Also find out how you can start a Child'space Infant Toddler Community in your own town.

See a Montessori home in action - my good friend Kylie blogs at How We Montessori and shares her beautiful boys with the world.